March 2018

Would you like 5 excuses to eat more Chocolate?

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I have 5 excuses that you can use for eating more chocolate this easter! It's easter time and the shops are full of Easter eggs, actually I think they have been on the shelves since January. Did you know 80 million Easter eggs are sold annually in the UK, That is more than the POPULATION! I [...]


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"Baby it's cold outside"   Originally sung by Frank Loesser in New York in 1944. Loesser and his wife first performed the song at the Navarro Hotel for a housewarming party, and the pair performed the song exclusively until 1948. I actually thought Bing Crosby and Doris day sang this? Anyhooo that is not what this post about. The [...]

October 2017


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GHOST BITES NON-BAKE The Make Taste Take session is coming up fast and we are trialling lots of spooky treats, the children are making them and loving every minute. I am sure you have seen the rest of the treats but these are the latest.......   LITTLE GHOST BITES Ready for Halloween, these little bites [...]

Fancy a drink?

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Fancy a drink? Hello Everyone This was our "wake up shake" this morning. I made myself and hubby a shake which was full of goodness and would set us up for the day ahead. 2 tbsp pea protein powder (Use what you are used too) 1/2 Avocado 400ml Oat milk 150 ml filter water 1 [...]

June 2017

Maria’s Chocolate Mess!

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Did Someone Say chocolate mess and sugar free? Ok so we all feel guilty when we indulge,now you don't have to.I have made a chocolate mess that is healthy and sugar free. Contains great fats for the brain and skin, some good healthy blood sugar balancing spice. What else could you ask for? It's true! [...]

March 2017

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Spinach feta muffins Ingredients 375 g Gluten free flour 1 farm egg Organic Large 100 g Melted Nut Butter (Of choice) or If allergy to nuts then use grass-fed butter or Cacao Butter 150g Feta organic 150g Haloumi 110g Sundried tomatoes 250g Chopped organic spinach Coconut oil for greasing 330ml rice milk Unsweetened Method Preheat [...]

February 2017

Power House Pea Soup

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Pea soup This Pea power house tastes amazing and I may be slightly biased as I made it, but if my children eat it then it must be good. My Mother actually made a version of this pea soup and it was really amazing. I however modified and changed some of the ingredients (Sorry mum) so [...]


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Happy is healthy

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Happy is healthy That is the idea, I am talking about children here, if they are healthy, we as parents or carers are happy. So our morning routine at home consists of a lot of noise, a fair amount of squabbles, but saying that it's mostly a happy lively house in the morning. Breakfast is [...]