Pollen is affecting at the last count 20,000 people, all suffering with symptoms caused by the high count? Is this high pollen alert making your life miserable right now?

I sympathise, I have spoken with many clients over the last few weeks that are having the same symptoms due to the high pollen we have been experiencing.

Itchy eyes, scratchy throat, general fatigue, coughing and difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest and ear ache even asthma attacks that have been hospitalised people due to the pollen.

This is affecting people all over England and the red alert for the season has been given, the met office is reporting that the area’s affected are set to reach a seasonal high this week and these are all across southern England and parts of Wales,

It seems Scotland is relatively unaffected. The red alert means ‘Very high levels of pollen” According to Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge, the start of the grass season and the prevailing weather are to blame for the worsening conditions.

It started as tree pollen but with all this rain and then intense sunshine we now have grass pollen at an all Time high. This is causing people with asthma major issues.

Pollen season is divided into three parts.

  • Tree pollen: late March to mid-May
  • Grass pollen: mid-May to July
  • Weed pollen: end of June to September.

Actually I am seeing people who have never suffered before suddenly develop symptoms. I have seen some very serious cases of swollen itchy red eyes and sinus problems being reported with ongoing coughs, the problem is these symptoms go on through the night and disturb sleep.

If anyone has read my blogs they know sleep is my big number one factor in gaining optimum health.

So what do you do to alleviate the symptoms?


1/ Drink plenty of clean fluids and that is not spirits by the way, I mean water and herbal teas.

Alcohol acts as a histamine and will increase symptoms so be aware.

2/ Take a quality omega three supplement such as a fish oil. The omega-3 fat in fish oil and krill oil helps reduce both allergic and inflammatory response.

3/ An all-natural, homeopathic nose spray whose main ingredient is capsaicin derived from hot peppers can safely and effectively relieve stubborn nasal allergies, according to results of a clinical study, says Dr Mercola.

In their study, the research team gave the nose spray to 24 people aged 13 and older who suffered from persistent allergic rhinitis (better known as hay fever). The patients recorded the severity of their runny nose, itchy nose, stuffy nose and sneezing.

The treatment significantly reduced all nasal allergy symptoms.

4/Eliminate sugar as sugar will increase the inflammation in the body.

5/Limit Grains in your diet.

6/ Optimise your Vitamin D intake with a supplement as strengthening your immune system helps fight inflammation.


(Some studies showing Vitamin D and hay fever results)

7/Probiotics ( Good bacteria may help lower levels of an antibody that produces allergy symptoms while raising levels of a different antibody, called IgG, that may play a protective role against allergic reactions.) Dr Mercola Rec the same.

8/Grape seed extract and Vit C combination (Supplement form )

Now the above is called Proflavanol and I have personally seen this work wonders in alleviating symptoms.

Read about it here.


Now these are my top 8 tips to avoid the misery of the symptoms mentioned, I recommend a quality care package like the below and have seen it work.

Simple and easy

If you want to feel relief from the symptoms then you can try the following……

Proflavanol/Biomega fish oils “CARE PACKAGE”

A quality probiotic supplement followed by prebiotic foods to feed the healthy bacteria you are colonising.

Image result for colonising healthy bacteria

 Ok so what are good probiotics to buy?


Read the above before you decide as it is not just a case of going to the local supermarket to purchase them.

What are good foods to eat, to feed the healthy bacteria?

Fermented foods such as

  • Miso
  • Natto. Natto is prepared with soybeans and is fermented so it forms the beneficial bacteria Bacillus.
  • Kefir.
  • Kombucha.
  • Sauerkraut.
  • Kimchi.
  • Tempeh.
  • Pickles.


So you can buy a pack and get it delivered direct to your door.

Proflavanol/Biomega The two wonder supplements that are fantastic in aiding the recovery of those pesky symptoms.



Go to shop and if you feel like checking your general health, have a look into the free questionnaire and recommendations given based on your individual lifestyle.

It is like a health consultation for free.


Maria Tait Nutrition
Friendly Family Nutrition
Please note if symptoms are very serious, contact your gp or go straight to accident and emergency if your breathing becomes laboured.
There are also many other avenues to explore and starting treatment is the first option, suffering in silence never helps anyone. Always look after yourself.



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