Is your dinner making you happy?

Who doesn’t want food that makes them happy? We all love to be happy right? Is the food you choose fulfilling that job?

I have seen many people searching for that magic feeling of “Happiness” through food alone.

We attach so much pressure to eating, we try to be healthy and happy but sometimes choose foods that make us feel lethargic and bloated. We feel we need to reward ourselves with sugar? Where did that come from? hard day then lets have pizza and gin and tonic!

Why do we never reward with spinach;)))))

The salt in processed foods will make you feel thirsty and bloated and no one likes that feeling. ( I am guessing)

Food is communication to the body, if you do not feel comfortably satisfied and energised after a meal then maybe you have eaten the wrong food for your body? Maybe hormones are playing a particular part, stress is making you crave certain foods.

It is all about how you feel after the food you eat.

I am at my happiest when I am “Full, energised, content” Not feeling like I need something else. If I want cake, I eat cake but I do not do it daily. I think if you have a little of what you want and a lot of what you need then you can find a balance that works for you.

What about the person next to you? what are they eating?

We all do the same thing, we judge people on what they order/eat and make assumptions about them based on their food choices.

Are they happy? How can they eat that? and so on…

Food has so much power!

What makes you happy? When you eat pizza for example do you like the after effects, thirst and fluid retention.YEP! I get that when I eat pizza and my eyes are puffy the next day so I limit pizza in my diet. I like it, but I do not like the way it makes me look or feel.

Moderation is key, I eat it occasionally and minimise the effects by hydrating more than usual and fast the next morning to give my body a break. I actually drink chia seeds in water for breakfast so I am hydrating more efficiently.


Two tablespoons of chia seeds have almost 10 grams of fiber.
That’s around 40 percent of the recommended daily intake.
I used 1tsp in a glass of water for my eldest.
Hydration is so important in the hot weather .

Because chia seeds absorb thirty times their weight in water, they help regulate body fluid levels and retain electrolytes, both key in the battle against dehydration.
My big tip is “don’t look at them, just drink “
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OK back to food that makes you happy!

Read on for my top seven happy foods!

1/Green tea

I hear some of you, YUK! I know it tastes bitter when over brewed but Research shows that people who drink three to five cups of green tea in a day are likely to have 20% stress levels as compared to those who do not drink green tea regularly. This result was independent of factors like age, sex, race and overall health.

Ways to have it without “Having it”

Include green tea in your smoothies and mix into soups and curries.

If you are worrying about the amount needed then an overall consumption of 320 mg of polyphenols in a day is good, this makes up your daily dose of antioxidants. About 3 cups in English:):)


Little brains as my children like to call them. They look like brains because they are good for the brain. Raw walnuts are a rich source of magnesium; and magnesium is a mineral blessed with relaxation properties. I give my children a handful with a piece of fruit most week days.

Raw walnuts are also rich in phosphorus and antioxidant properties. The low carbohydrate content of this nut also keeps blood sugar levels in check, it can be great for diabetic patients because of this.

3/ Coffee

My all time favourite beverage. In moderation I have to add, I have a coffee before I exercise and it helps burn fat, it works by mobilising fatty acids from the fat tissues.

Many of the nutrients in the coffee beans do make it into the final drink, which actually contains a decent amount of vitamins and minerals.

You can make coffee healthier by using the following…

1/Lions mane in your coffee.

24 Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Hericium Erinaceus)


2/Bullet coffee

1 tsp of each Fat ingredient and work up to 1 tbsp, as for spices, its a personal choice and I now go for 1/4 tsp of each.



Oysters are well known aphrodisiacs. But besides boosting your libido, they can be beneficial for your emotional well-being as well. They are a rich source of zinc and vitamin B12 which boosts general mood and memory.

Research has shown that it can be helpful for treating mental illness in certain people too.

5/Dark Chocolate

When dark chocolate is consumed and I mean a few large squares at night, not an entire bar daily it works by lowering the stress hormone levels in your body, thereby inducing a sense of happiness.



Research shows that an antioxidant, anthocyanin in berries, can reduce inflammation linked to depression. Please add in a handful of walnuts to a bowl of berries and you will have double the happiness in one bowl. Sprinkle on some dark chocolate chunks and you have a hat trick!


High content of flavonoids in quinoa are known to have an anti-depressant effect on people. I know a fair amount of my clients dislike quinoa and think it is tasteless. I have since converted them and it is on the weekly shopping list. Stir fry some vegetables with ginger and garlic and add to a bed of quinoa and for extra protein add tofu or chicken, depending on your preference.

So there you have my top seven. Obviously there are many more foods that can increase the “feel good factor”. Balance and moderation is all it takes. Email me for a more bespoke plan.

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