The Party Season is here!


The party season is now upon us!

That means LIVER SUPPORT people!

Avoid the next day feeling, you know the one, that familiar ropey feeling.

“I love the morning after a night out partying”  said no-one ever.

So why not give your liver some support?

That way “PJ” day can be enjoyed rather than endured.

It takes maintenance and preparation. Here is what happens when you are in the party season, and expecting your liver to function at its best, without the pre party and post party support.


The liver is the heaviest organ we have in our body. It is located at the top right quadrant of our belly, just under our ribs. Now, this important organ is responsible for processing nutrients from the foods we consume. The liver makes bile and builds proteins and removes toxins.

It stores fat and soluble vitamins such as Vitamin a, d, k and e also it is one of the most valuable body parts we have.

Pretty incredible eh?

So after a night of partying and eating foods that maybe you wouldn’t usually eat, high salt and high sugar and some bad (but oh soooo good) dessert choices. They always seem like a great idea at the time, we all expect our body to digest and maintain its highest physical peak as if it is an easy, almost expected job.

The day after the night before

The liver has worked hard all night with what we all put it through, while we are partying and having fun,  sleeping less and under greater strain. When Partying at this time of year, We deplete our valuable storage of vitamins and minerals, sleeping less and drinking alcohol and eating processed foods causes this.




Drink Slower, it is not a race.

Add water in between alcoholic drinks to hydrate you.

A healthy liver can only break down one standard alcoholic drink an hour.

An unhealthy liver is slower.

The better your liver functions, the more energetic you will be.

Clearly, it is worthwhile paying attention to your liver and treating it well.

Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, while protein and carbohydrate contain 4 calories per gram.

Drinking on an empty stomach is highly irritating to the stomach lining and means you’ll absorb alcohol into your bloodstream much faster.  Eat something containing protein before you drink alcohol,  protein spends longer in the stomach than carbohydrate or fat.

I personally cannot actually eat carbs before I go out, ever heard the term “CARB COMA” well that always hits me and I never actually get out.

Enjoy and have fun, but, max out on the liver support, pre and post as best you can.



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