Chef In The House!

This chef made the best tasting pancakes, (she had a great teacher I might add) and at eight years old she has become quite an expert at making healthy pancakes.

We use the following ingredients…..

200 g gluten free flour

2 organic free range eggs

200 ml oat milk

2 scoop protein powder (We use whey or pea protein) you can use what one suits you best, make sure it’s stable when heated though.

Whisk until you have a smooth batter mix. (No lumps left)

Use coconut oil to make sure pancakes do not stick, and then off you go.

Usually ready in 3-5 minutes.


1/Mixed seeds and Sainsbury’s actually sells a pre made pack of mixed seeds.

2/Mixed nuts (as above)

3/Raisins (Organic to make sure they are minus nasties) dried cranberries

4/Banana and nut butter of choice

5/All or half of the above

6/Cheese and ham

7/Avocado and seeds of choice

8/Desicated coconut with almond flakes

9/Local honey and cashew nuts

10/Apple slices dripped with nut butter.

So all of the above are ideas but choose what works and enjoy.

Sprinkle with some cinnamon for blood sugar balance.


This is quick, easy and healthy 🙂


The three things we all need. QUICK!  EASY!  HEALTHY!


Have a great day




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