Protein bread anyone?

Would you eat this bread?

Well, it is high protein bread, 40% more than normal wheat flour.

If you were looking for bread and one said  “High Protein Bread” would you question the protein source? would you just trust in the advertising?

This bread sounds good if you are looking for that bread fix but a healthier version maybe?

Ok, a little more information needed, two scientists from the Federal University of Rio Grande in Brazil have developed a flour made of cockroaches.

Yes! it is the cockroaches that boost up that protein, still interested?

cockroach anyone

They are the species Nauphoeta cinerea, a different one than we find in city sewers or drains. Researchers buy the insects from a specialized breeder, where they are hygienically produced and fed on fruits and vegetables to meet all hygiene requirements required by ANVISA, the Brazilian health surveillance agency.

Please don’t think these are just your normal cockroaches that we see flying or walking about, they are specialised ones.


Hmmmm jury still out on this one? They are also loaded with essential amino acids and some lipids and fatty acids as well, these are key in a healthy human diet.

Here are a few facts on these creatures you may not know.

  • Most Species are not pests. …
  • Cockroaches are scavengers. …
  • They’ve been around for a long time. …
  • Cockroaches Like to be touched. …
  • They lay eggs, lots of them. …
  • Roaches love bacteria. …
  • Cockroaches don’t need heads to survive. (Scary)
  • A cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes

So what happens in the process of this bread making.

Glad you asked;)

So now you know, would you try the bread?

Did you know that many other foods use insects and have done for centuries.

In fact, cochineal (Carmine) dye has been around for centuries, although that probably doesn’t decrease the gross-out factor much.

Here are some examples of food and beverage products that may have crushed insect coloring.

• Frozen meat and fish

• Soft, fruit, energy, and powdered drinks and alcoholic beverages

• Yogurts, ice cream, and dairy-based drinks

• Candy, syrups, fillings, and chewing gum

• Canned fruits like cherries and jams

• Dehydrated and canned soups

• Ketchup

Now this is not to Gross you out although this post probably has, it is to show you that we not always know how our food is made and what is added.

Education on what is good for us is paramount, we heavily rely on the media to give us information, but we never get the entire background of the story, we humans think ignorance is sometimes bliss.

A healthy balanced diet is what we should aim for and keeping hydrated with as many colourful foods on our plates as possible.


If you would like more information on how to benefit from a healthy balanced diet maybe without the use of cockroach flour then email

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