Size matters!

Size matters!

Of course size matters, a small latte does nothing for me. How many of you wake up and want a coffee?

How many of you want a decent size coffee?


Yes, I have a coffee “almost” first thing when I wake up and I use any of the following three ingredients in my coffee

1/Coconut oil

2/Cream (Non Dairy)

3/Butter (grass-fed)


Ok so here is my favourite “Three” healthy lattes that hit the spot.

1/Turmeric Latte

(You can add a shot of espresso here if you wish)


What benefits do you get from a “decent size” turmeric latte?


2/Bullet Coffee

A “must” if you want to improve your work outs or just burn fat after a work out?

Some info on it here….

So the guy who invented it is Dave Asprey,  I would only use this when you need a boost. I use it four times a week but I go to the gym that much too.

I Use 1 heaped tsp of grass-fed butter 1 heaped tsp coconut oil and a high grade coffee (Espresso) and whizz together with a sprinkle of cinnamon and cayenne pepper , this has a thermogenic effect.













Who wants energy and happiness:)? Just heat the milk (350ml) with a generous pinch of cinnamon and 1 tbsp Maca powder and blend at the end for a creamy texture.
You can add a tsp of agave or a pinch of stevia if you want to but it’s delicious with just almond milk and cinnamon.

What is Maca?

It is a cruciferous vegetable and a well know superfood.

It’s a natural source of healing and can balance hormones.

Jam packed with antioxidants and enhances not only moods but energy and memory.











Ok so three lattes, what’s your favourite winter warmer drink?

Did you know that all of the above have some kind of health benefit?

Would you like some more drinks that have health benefits?


Happy Monday



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