“Baby it’s cold outside”


Originally sung by Frank Loesser in New York in 1944.

Loesser and his wife first performed the song at the Navarro Hotel for a housewarming party, and the pair performed the song exclusively until 1948. I actually thought Bing Crosby and Doris day sang this?

Anyhooo that is not what this post about.

The Beast from the East!

When the weather gets cold we wrap up warm and take precautions. I personally love all of the seasons, what I am not great with is, when the weather is out of character. More and more people suffer with health problems, more colds, more viruses, more infections on the chest and lasting longer it seems.

I see many clients who struggle with health problems from the out of season weather.

Dry itchy skin /lack of lustre hair/brittle nails and all due to the cold weather. When the weather takes a turn like it has at the moment, “The beast from the east” visiting us for example it is not our usual climate.

Exercise becomes less attractive and we tend to stock up on more calories. We spend as little time outside as possible and as nature intended we hibernate until the weather gets better. When we do go out we go to Malls, cinema’s, restaurants and everywhere where we are enclosed. This means germs can spread faster.


What can you do to protect yourselves and boost your immunity?


Keeping warm when you are about to go for a walk is how “Nala” starts:)

(Couldn’t resist)

But for us here are some useful tips.

Use a moisturizer with an oil base to block evaporation. Shower in lukewarm—not hot—water. Use a humidifier to replenish moisture to the skin’s top layer.

Make sure your fluid intake is high, it makes more sense in winter for us to drink hot drinks, so water with lemon is still a fantastic start just with hot water instead of cold.

That’s not all, but a great start to the day and I will explain briefly.

Why hydrate so much in colder months?

Dehydration happens just as easy in winter as in summer, crazy I know, but we still lose water vapour through our breath.

The colder months can also accelerate dehydration because mammals have a survival mechanism that constricts blood vessels in cold weather, to conserve heat and maintain body temperature. Blood vessels shrinking increases blood pressure.

To lower the pressure, your kidneys make more urine, meaning less blood to fill veins and arteries, more frequent trips to the bathroom and greater risk of dehydration.

Also winter months make maintaining a healthy weight much harder if you are not drinking enough fluids. Cut back on processed foods and maintain a healthy balanced diet. Processed foods are high in salt so they will dehydrate you.

Dry air from central heating can also dehydrate you so make sure you keep a pot of water in the room as this helps by making the Water evaporate into the air and increases the humidity in the room.

What else can you do?

Vitamin D.

We struggle with the lack of sunlight and the sun never reaches the height we need to gain vitamin D in the winter, vitamin D is synthesised in the skin when we are exposed to sunlight, so what can you do to get vitamin D all year round?

Its all very well eating foods high in vitamin D but its near impossible to gain the daily amount required for optimum health and thats what we all want isn’t it?

So we can supplement so that we reach the levels that will give us optimum health.

I do not work with basic nutrition I want optimum!

Not all supplements are the same as explained in many posts before.

Why do we even need vitamin D?

Vitamin D has several important roles in our bodies,for example it helps control the amount of calcium and phosphate in your body, which are needed to keep your bones and teeth healthy. Having too little vitamin D (a deficiency) can damage the way your body absorbs calcium and phosphorus. We need vitamin D for Immune function.

The RDA has not been changed since 1968 .

What is  an RDA or RDI

The Reference Daily Intake or Recommended Daily Amount (RDI) (RDA) is the daily intake/Amount/level of a nutrient that was considered in 1968 to be sufficient to meet the requirements of 97–98% of healthy individuals, we know now that more is needed as we cannot get enough from our diets alone.

So to find a high quality FDA approved and pharmaceutical graded company is not easy.

Please inbox me for who I use and trust and why.

Omega 3

This is a  daily need. My son suffers from eczema and in the winter it flares up and I use probiotics daily with a fantastic omega 3 child supplement that I trust and have seen the difference in him with my own eyes. He also takes Vitamin D in the winter.

So Here is the proof:)



Now his skin flared up as a result of internal stress caused by Seizures but that’s another post. The flare ups come on when the weather turns colder or shall I say it used to:) This is him now….


Now his skin stays this smooth even in December and January when the weather can really bite. Or March as we have this beast here for a visit.

I use coconut oil as a moisturiser for his skin and I work internally with his diet to give him all he needs to stay at his optimum level of health and not just his basic level. (That clearly was not working)

I am happy to post anyone some diet advice on working internally too.

So there you have it:) Proof is in the pudding as they say.

To obtain Vit D or Probiotics please use this link, or email me direct and I will post to you.

Vitamin D works out at £22.00 for almost 3 months supply. It doesn’t always have to be expensive to be quality!

Have a great Day





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