Wine improves gym performance

Wine improves gym performance

Who saw that headline?

Now before you reach for the wine and put it into your water bottle, hang on.

The ingredient in wine known as resveratrol, can actually help improve physical performance. Everyone knows resveratrol means wine right?


The ingredient can also be found in nuts and of course grapes, which is why it can also be traced to wine, funny how no-one has mentioned nuts improving the work out though?

picture of a squirrel with a nut

My Hertford mummy friends will like this;)

Above is the full science daily article if you want to have a read.


While we are on the subject of alcohol…

What is the difference between these?

image of alcohol bottlesimage of vitamin pills

One is more fun for sure!

Apart from that!

The left hand side image of alcohol beverages provides us with a bill of around £787.00 a year.

Macmillan Cancer Support found each Briton spends around that amount a year on alcohol, with London’s concentration of drinkers spending sizeably more.

The supplements on the left however for a years worth of high quality multivitamin and mineral support with antioxidants and also around the clock care which is morning and evening dosages will set you back less than £300.00. This is taken from the supplements I use and not the high street supplements sold in supermarkets.

The emphasis is on the “HIGH QUALITY”supplements.

That is less than 90 pence a day!

If you do not drink alcohol try the below analogy.

image of choclates

image of vitamins


CHOCOLATE bars could cost more than £1 by next year.

The average price of favourites such as Twirl, Crunchie, Mars and KitKat Chunky has jumped by up to 13 per cent since 2016, says

So you have a chocolate bar that will cost more than a days worth of multivitamins.

It is crazy as most people think nothing of having a glass of red wine in an evening and a chocolate bar or two or more in the week.

“SO WHAT” I hear you say!

You have to enjoy life right?

YES!!!!!! I agree so why would you choose between any of these, yet people do. The vitamins seem to only come into people’s heads when they are sick and then they think, they need something to boost the immune system and then they feel better and stop.


Vitamins should be a way of life in my opinion and not a fix short term for a health problem.

We all think differently though and I know not everyone would agree. The world is full of opinions and its a personal choice.

What about this analogy!

There is a house that looks beautiful but it has filthy windows, unable to see in or out of them

The owner for some reason doesn’t clean the windows but the rest of the house looks beautiful

The house opposite is also beautiful but the windows are crystal clear

That owner cleans the windows and maintains them throughout the year along with the house

Now forward a couple of years

The second house has still maintained the clear windows and well kept house

The first house however has now more problems, the window frames have become rotten from the dirt and mould that hasn’t been cleaned off, now the foundations are suffering and more work is needed than just a basic window clean.

Keep your house in good condition and look after the foundations.

It really is that easy.

I have spoken with clients over the years and 90% of them are worried that being healthy means a boring, bland lifestyle.


You do not need to clean your windows daily, but you do need to maintain your foundations.

If you would like to chat about your house and foundations (ANALOGY, please don’t call me with real house questions as I have very little knowledge on building work) please email me and we can set up a good time to chat.

Have a great day








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