Maria’s Story

Maria’s passion and involvement in nutrition started a number of years ago in response to a kidney condition, which rendered her reliant upon GP-prescribed antibiotics. As with many long-term users of antibiotics, Maria’s immune system was somewhat compromised, leaving her prey to a multitude of common ailments such as colds.

It was precisely these side effects that prompted Maria to gravitate towards more natural methods of prevention. By taking proactive control of her nutritional program, she achieved complete recovery. She coupled this with quality health supplements regained control of her life.

Beyond simple recovery though, Maria discovered the inherent value of a considered nutritional approach after giving birth to twins. By focusing on diet, she was able to attain peak fitness and energy levels in a short period of time.

Who benefits from good nutrition?

We all benefit from good nutrition.

Nutrition starts from conception and goes on through life’s cycle.

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For the young

Younger children show how happy they are when they have a good Healthy diet and regular exercise, I myself have seen the difference in my own children when they have not had enough sleep and maybe attended an event with food they normally would not eat, they are different in their behaviour.

This is not to say they can never have junk food, it is all about maintaining a good balance and teaching good nutrition.

The Older Adult

The same happens when we are older and we ourselves eat food that is processed and full of sugar and salt we eventually act differently and will look different. Eyes do not shine so bright, skin is not as clear and hair not as shiny. Energy levels fall.

It is never too late to enjoy a healthy balanced diet and reap the benefits no matter what the age.

The benefits of good nutrition are multiple:

  • Maintaining a good healthy weight.
  • Healthy body and mind.
  • Healthy Heart
  • Strong Bones
  • Energy
  • Good healthy Skin
  • Self confidence

The power of nutrition is under estimated by many.


  • Diploma in Nutrition (Kevala Institute, London/Devon)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Nutrition (School of Natural Health Science, London)
  • Diploma in Sports Nutrition (Premier Training, London)

Maria’s strongly committed to continuing her personal development and regularly attends courses too numerous to mention including:

  • Diploma in Baby and Child Homeopathy (College of Natural Medicine, London)
  • Weight management and weight loss course

Currently studying neutrogenomics and the effect diet has on our genes.

Maria is available to present talks on health and nutrition and regularly delivers these to professional organisations. Womens health talks are particulary popular.

Mental health talks and explaining how our diet affects our moods is Maria’s passion, She has been part of the Mental health awareness week and gave talks to coutts bank on this very subject.

Maria is fully CRB checked and insured.