“I found Maria through a friend, she was great and although I could not make too many face to face appointments, Maria emailed all the information I needed and kept emailing support to keep me on the right track. I found Maria very genuine and friendly and above all she helped me change my way of eating by explaining in very simple terms what foods work and how.

I still keep in contact with Maria and when am training for a marathon or event I will be seeking her advice.”

Alan | Hertfordshire

“I work a high pressure, fast-paced job. Before I met Maria Tait, lunch was eaten on the go and consisted of whatever could be consumed in less than five minutes. I attended the gym as often as I could, but never really saw any gains. I was constantly tired and even slightly depressed. Maria changed that.

A friend referred me to her and, by looking carefully into not just my diet but my daily routine, my exercise regime, even my sleep patterns, she constructed a tailored meal plan that forced me to consider what I was putting into, and doing to, my body.

After just a few weeks, the change was palpable; I had renewed vigour, a skip in my step, I had put on a few pounds of pure muscle, and I had the energy to have a life outside of work.

This woman works miracles”

Carl Rogers | New York
"I met Maria through a mutual friend, and immediately felt a connection. So, when I reached a plateau with my previous weight loss plan, it was an obvious choice to turn to Maria for some help and guidance. In my previous plans, I had focussed on what the scales told me, and really was living from Wednesday to Wednesday (my weekly weigh in days) with an almost blind focus on the numbers. Working with Maria was totally different, and while her plan helped me to achieve my goals, the focus was on good, healthy eating, the weight I would say was secondary if even an issue. More so, Maria’s approach was about a healthy mind, and she gave me little “tasks” to complete each day which focused my mind on what I wanted to achieve and why. The meal plans that she gave me left me feeling energised, and most importantly she helped me to regain my confidence about how I look and feel. I would say that through this process, my relationship with Maria developed, and she is now one of my closest friends. She is an incredible motivator, a mentor and one of the kindest, most caring, people I have ever met."
Lesley Morris | Hertfordshire