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This will be deducted from any programmes chosen. Vegetarian versions available on all plans

Hit the jackpot with this plan! Increase your energy so people ask

“How did you do it”

The only side effects on this plan are clear skin and increased memory and the ability to focus while losing weight and maintaining the habits taught throughout the plan.

You will come away with more knowledge on a healthier lifestyle and some inside tips on how to get the best from the day.

  • Secure this programme to keep you in tip top condition.
  • Six week plan emailed weekly, starting from the day of your initial consultation.
  • This includes week by week meal changes
  • List of snacks focusing on the higher protein content
  • Supplements that are essential to the plan
  • Tips and recipes to try that are fun and easy throughout the six weeks
  • Family Friendly foods
  • Two nutritional consultations booked at the initial visit
  • One telephone coaching session with mindset work
  • Tools taught to track your weight and calculate your macro nutrition Fats/Carbs/Proteins
  • Personal training session x four to teach you what to do through out this plan to stay on track
  • These can be virtual/face to face or home visits, all depending on your location.
  • The importance of stretching daily (Before and after pictures are essential for tracking progress)
  • Tips on giving up sugar but still having your sweet tooth satisfied with fun and easy recipes
  • This plan is for those wanting significant change and who are willing to make that change and put themselves in the hands of the experts.

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A plan for those looking to run their days and not let the days run them.
The focus here is anti stress, energy increase and better sleep. This is not weight loss focused but it is a welcome side effect for many.

  • Four week plan with individual meals changed weekly
  • Focus on foods that give you energy when needed but calm in the evening
  • Emails weekly with tips to stay on track
  • Recipes that are fun and easy to make
  • Supplements that are essential on the plan
  • Exercise videos for home exercise
  • One personal training session
  • Two nutritional consultations included
  • Anti stress exercises taught to teach you how to take on the world.

This is a commitment plan and results will follow the effort put in.

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This is a generic healthy way of life plan that leaves you with changes made that you hardly noticed yourself making, but you reap all the benfits of how life can be should these changes be consistent.

  • Four week food plan with meal changes each week, this leaves you making choices for the other meals
  • Weekly emails with tips on how to make healthy and sustainable changes in your day to day life
  • Two nutritional consultations 30 minutes each visit
  • Exercise videos for you to take on at home sent weekly
  • Supplements to support you through your journey
  • Recipes and fast effective and easy to make meals
  • I give you the tools to take with you when on holiday and looking to minimise the effects of “Holiday effects”
  • I can teach you how to minimise the effects of “Late nights” mornings after and get you in tip top form
  • Home exercises given to get you started on the right path.

This plan is among the most popular because it is 4 weeks and fairly easy to achieve results.

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  • Consultation x Two visits with weekly emails
  • Videos sent weekly with exercises to complete
  • Stretches and how to do them
  • Four weeks of meal change plans with tips and recipesthat are easy and fast
  • Shake recipes to replace for one week on any meal time chosen
  • Supplements included with this plan as essential for energy increase (8 weeks of supplements)
  • Sleep advice shopping advice on what essentials to always have

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True health is created through mindful daily actions and consistent habits, and it starts with premium supplementation. To get the most from your supplements, you must embrace a lifestyle that includes a diet of whole foods, consistent movement, hydration, stress management, proper sleep, and overall mindfulness. This is what it means to #LiveUSANA.

Maria Tait Nutrition is proud to use usana as part of her health plans.