Weight Loss Warriors: Lose up to 8lb in under a month!

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Warrior Women


For all you busy professional warrior women out there!

This is a short programme designed to give you the tools you need to kickstart your health journey.


What all women want to know, “How much will I lose


If you stick to the plan and hit your goals then 2lb a week.

This is a four-week weight-loss and future weight management programme with four online face-to-face consultations with a Lead nutritionist, plus a fun starter pack.

You will be guided through your journey and should you encounter any difficulties, you will have the tools to get you through them.


  • Set weight-Loss and health goals

  • Teaching tools and mindset for achieving goals set
  • How to make your meals work for you
  • Make healthier food choices
  • Get more active and burn more calories
  • Records of your activity and progress


  • The only F words you need in the Kitchen Cookbook – packed with delicious easy and fun recipes.
  • One week of delicious shake recipes to keep you energised keep that skin in tip-top condition and above all, keep you glowing.
  • Recipe to make your own ENERGY BALLS and BARS (Vegetarian option)
  • Tips and hacks to boost energy through the colder months.
  • All delivered in digital format when you book your first consultation – straight to your inbox – no waiting.


No Meal Plans!

No Cutting your favourite foods!


“Christmas parties although fun left me bloated, tired and not looking my best, with this programme I found energy increased, weight loss although I lost a little less than 8lb because I had a wobble midway, Maria worked her magic and got me back on track”

“When I had a wobble, I got reassurance and was given simple steps to get myself back on track. I have come away feeling reassured and the steps were so simple, but they worked and I am still on track”.

“I have always been stressed about starting “New Things” this programme was simple and effective, I still eat cake and have pizza if and when I want, I can just balance my lifestyle better now”.

“My headaches have gone, my skin is amazing too, both which I didn’t know needed attention until they changed. I am so pleased, I am more confident now than ever”

“I don’t even know how I managed to do this, it was very simple and clearly effective. When you see things work, you stick to whatever is said, I am loving the journey”.

“I didn’t come for weight-loss originally, but it has happened, I have improved energy, moods, bloating and cramping after certain foods, I am beyond happy”