March 2018

Are you eating for your emotions?

By | March 6th, 2018|Adult Diet, Adult Health, altruism, anti inflammatory, Busy Lifestyles, Child Health, childrens hormones, positivity, Sleeping, Stress Management, supplements, weight loss|

Do you feel a mixture of emotions on a daily basis? Did you know there could be a link to what you are eating. Could your lunch for example be making you feel emotions that you may be putting down to something else? Seriously, it is possible to eat for emotions. We basically eat for [...]

December 2016

Who suffers from headaches?

By | December 11th, 2016|Adult Diet, Adult Health, anti inflammatory, Busy Lifestyles, supplements|

Who suffers from headaches? I should have put who doesn't suffer from headaches! I am sure we all have at some point suffered a headache of some magnitude. I bet more so in December. Fact Nearly half of the world’s population suffers from headaches each year, making it the most common “disorder” of the nervous system. [...]