What diet is right for you?

What diet is the right diet for you?


Have you tried various diets and found they either do not work or they work while on them then the weight that you lost previously goes back on and some more on top!


Are you at the point that you have told yourself that nothing works, or maybe at the point of cutting almost all of one food group out because you believe that is where the weight gain is coming from?


What would you be prepared to do for weight loss?

What in your life would change if you weighed less?

Are you after a quick fix?

Do you want to lose weight in a short time?

Are you worried about the cost and under the impression a healthy lifestyle is expensive?

Well, you are not alone but a quick fix and weight loss in a week are out of the question I am afraid.

Harsh, I know but consistently working on yourself and your diet is what leads to long term goal achieving for healthier living.

Don’t get me wrong, you can lose a few pounds in a week before a holiday and feel less bloated and energetic but is that sustainable? Would you do what you did in a week, long term?

Did you know that the right diet for you may not be the same as it is for someone else, that does not mean you eat separately from the family it means you make allowances.

For example, I am a vegetarian in a house of meat and fish eaters. I do not make vegetarian dishes as there is no need, we all eat together I just skip the meat and fish.



Do you feel energetic? If it wasn’t a case of too much change in one go, could you make small changes for the sake of your health?

Could you or would you make small changes and really commit to changing your view in the mirror? Your mindset and the way you take on tasks is everything when making lifestyle changes.

Small lifestyle changes/ Beneficial changes/ lasting changes/ Easy changes


Energy increase/ Weight loss/ Skin improvement/ Mood enhancing/ Mindset improvement/ learning to eat for you/ Small victories / Weekly goals

If you feel you need help on weight loss and you are ready to take on some goals and do what it takes for the sake of your health and get results then this is for you!

Get started by emailing me what you would like to change and we will take it from there.


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