Fuelling your four hats

Fuelling your four hats. When I talk about hats, I mean the different hats we all wear on a daily basis, let me explain… So I personally have four hats, some people may have more some have less, everyone is different. I am the same person under these hats, but my work hat, for example, …

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It is not my fault it is the season!

Seasonal moods are real! This time of year when the summer holidays are finished and the autumn season has started to set in, this is when moods begin to change. Our moods adapt to temperature changes, time changes, light, and routine changes.     Autumn is traditionally a time to “start again” and put in place some new goals to …

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Healthy Coffee Biscuits

Healthy Coffee Biscuits Is that even a thing? Well, I had a client who sent me a food diary and it included a coffee infused muesli for his breakfast. I was intrigued as I love both. I wondered how I could combine my love of coffee with something sweet but healthy. Anyone who reads my …

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