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What diet is right for you?

What diet is the right diet for you?   Have you tried various diets and found they either do not work or they work while on them then the weight that you lost previously goes back on and some more on top! Frustrating! Are you at the point that you have told yourself that nothing …

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Directly from the expert

Directly from the expert   This is a series of posts that will now be available to give you, the customers, expert advice and knowledge you may need to make informed decisions with the correct facts regarding your general health. I know how much information is on the web and how confusing something as simple …

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Is salmon good or bad?

Do you buy farmed salmon in the belief that it’s the “environmentally responsible” thing to do? Do you believe it is a part of a good healthy diet? I was in a health food shop yesterday in my home town of Hertford, when a shelf full of omega 3 tablets collapsed onto my head. Fortunately, …

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