Day Five

Friendly Family Nutrition

Welcome to Day five…

I woke late ARGHHHHHHHHH, I thought I woke up when the alarm went off but obviously I just flopped back to sleep.

The morning was less calm than the other days this week. Due to the late wake up!!!!

Kids had toast, not great, they also had banana with Nut butter and a few olives so made up a little bit in terms of nutrition.

We left and got to school on time without traffic so thankful for that:)

I walked Nala and no rolling :))))) Day even better already.


Managed to get some admin work updated and a gym class completed. My new year goal was to take advantage of the gym classes available and try something new. So far so good.

My usual coffee shop was closed this morning 🙁 I went to another which I have been meaning to try and the coffee was amazing.

That was meant to be obviously because the man serving was saying he felt awful:( tired and under the weather, I immediately left my card and offered my help:)

A good morning then:) Not for him as he is unwell but you get my gist. The universe is working.

By the way I don’t usually throw cards at people who have colds (Honestly) but he was surprised at how unwell he felt and mentioned it, so I offered help.

Today is Friday

Day Five is PIZZA DINNER for the kids only I hasten to add, and no it’s not home made and healthy. No need for nutritional information on a pizza as really, there isn’t much to tell.

They have fruit after though, the pizza dehydrates you (Due to the salt and cheese) so they always choose a fruit desert, usually melon/Apple. They do have it with nuts though….JOKING.


So for myself and hubby we will be having a mix of foods that can be put into wraps.:)

Various choice of dips and maybe nachos so YES it is our cheat meal and we will follow it with a Movie:)

Love Fridays but then I love every day.

Have a good weekend

Love Maria and Family


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