Maria Tait

Maria is a qualified Nutritionist based in Hertford. Her passion and involvement in nutrition started a number of years ago in response to a kidney condition, which rendered her reliant upon GP-prescribed antibiotics. By taking proactive control of her nutritional program, she achieved complete recovery. She coupled this with quality health supplements regained control of her life.

12 Easy days of fitmas

On the first day of Christmas  Try your turkey/meat with low salt organic gravy Walk 8000 steps that day after dinner or before. On the second day of Christmas  2 fillets of oily fish walk 9000 steps and fast until lunchtime On the third day of Christmas  3 portions of fruit (with protein to lower …

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Shakshuka The word shakshuka comes from Arabic, meaning, “a haphazard mixture” or “all mixed up.” This is actually a North African dish traditionally, the traditional shakshuka dish would have used chopped tomatoes though and not lentils. You can use red or green lentils. This dish is incredibly tasty, packed full of healthy ingredients and can be …

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UNICORN BREADS   Apart from the dramatic appearance of the breads and the wonderful taste, they have many health benefits. For example… Kidney health. Activated charcoal may be able to assist kidney function by filtering out undigested toxins and drugs. … Intestinal gas. … Water filtration. … Diarrhoea. … Teeth whitening and oral health. … …


What diet is right for you?

What diet is the right diet for you?   Have you tried various diets and found they either do not work or they work while on them then the weight that you lost previously goes back on and some more on top! Frustrating! Are you at the point that you have told yourself that nothing …

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March already.

Wow, March already! Ok, time to change those fruits to match the season. WHY? You benefit more when you eat in season in terms of reaping those all-important nutrients. What is great in March? Bananas Apples Bramley Grapefruit Lemons Oranges Rhubarb So these fruits are great to eat now but how can you make them …

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Intermittent fasting is what everyone is talking about at the moment. Its one of the most popular trends happening now. It’s used for improving overall health and mental clarity, some use it for weight loss, some just to simplify their lifestyles. What is it? Intermittent fasting (IF) is a term for an eating pattern that …


are you getting enough?

Power House Pea Soup

Pea soup This Pea power house tastes amazing and I may be slightly biased as I made it, but if my children eat it then it must be good. My Mother actually made a version of this pea soup and it was really amazing. I however modified and changed some of the ingredients (Sorry mum) so …

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Fuelling your four hats

Fuelling your four hats. When I talk about hats, I mean the different hats we all wear on a daily basis, let me explain… So I personally have four hats, some people may have more some have less, everyone is different. I am the same person under these hats, but my work hat, for example, …

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Do we need to supplement?

Do we need to supplement?  We are at article three of our “Directly from the experts” articles. We have six in total to give you, the reason for these articles is so you have facts and advice directly from the experts. They give you information on how to make informed health choices and give you …

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