Healthy Banoffee Pie?

Healthy Banoffe Pie, really?

Can banoffee pie be healthy? If like me you have a weakness for this delicious desert then you may want read on.

I have no “off switch” when it comes to banoffee pie, the bananas and caramel seem to be the perfect match with the biscuit base, it’s a “Menage a Trois” in the dessert world.

Ok, read on, I had a bbq last weekend when the weather was hot, a good friend of mine made a banoffee pie and it had to be shared obviously.

I decided when everyone left I would make this desert healthier and as tasty.

I got a fair amount of these looks when I announced I was going to change the recipe.

After all who can improve on perfection.


Banoffee Pie ❤️

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Ok here goes❤️
Ground almonds 200g
4tbsp organic coconut oil melted
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 tbsp peanut flour
Generous pinch of Himalayan salt
Mix all above together to form a crumbly base. Line a cake tin and press down the mixture and freeze for 30 minutes.

Salted caramel middle.

200g soaked pitted dates
2tbsp cashew nut butter
1tbsp melted grassfed butter
2tbsp agave syrup

100ml almond unsweetened milk

Whizz this together to form a smooth caramel paste, add in one pinch of salt and mix again.
Spread onto your base evenly and re-freeze.
5 minutes later

Cut up three ripe bananas and place over the caramel.

Now whizz up some coconut cream and 1tsp stevia until reasonably thick and freeze.

10 minutes later

Pour on top and sprinkle with raw cacao powder:) Tip
You can use chilled coconut cream (chilled over night or for at least two hours to form a thick layer)

This can be served straight away but be warned……#tastesamazing #

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