Let Your Tastebuds Match Your Outfits.


“Let Your Tastebuds Match Your Outfits”

Dress to impress… Your taste buds! 🍽️👗V  Your outfit, did you know your clothing choices can influence your food choices? Well possibly more than you think. Whether it’s a bold statement piece inspiring you to try new flavours or cosy loungewear calling for comfort food, your wardrobe sets the scene for your dining experience.

Your outfit isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s a menu choice in itself! 🍴👗 

Embrace the connection between what you wear and what you eat – from vibrant prints inspiring exotic cuisines to cosy knits calling for hearty dishes. Let your wardrobe guide your taste buds on a delicious adventure! Have a look at these fun matches.

Check out these food pairings with outfits…

1. Cosy sweater and a warm bowl of soup

2. Boho maxi dress and a tropical fruit salad

3. Classic Baggy Tee and a juicy burger

4. Gym wear and a protein-packed smoothie bowl

5. LBD and a fancy seafood dinner

1. Denim jacket and a classic hot dog at a game

2. Floral sundress and a fresh fruit smoothie by the beach

3. Oversize warm shirt and a hearty bowl of chilli on a n Autumn day

4. Workout gear and a refreshing acai bowl post-exercise

5. Statement jumpsuit and a gourmet cheese platter at a wine tasting event

Get creative with your outfit and food pairings for a stylish and delicious day! 🍇👖 #FashionFoodie🍔👗 

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