Can I order a cold and a side of flu please!

Can I order a nasty cold with a side order of flu please!

If you have been unlucky enough these last few months to suffer the cold/flu that has been doing the rounds then you have my deepest sympathy.

My dog has had a cold and the children have had sniffles but luckily they haven’t amounted to anything other than a few hours extra sleep needed.

The cold and flu viruses seem to have swept across the UK with the temperatures so low being the main cause of this.

I have witnessed so many people suffering with this awful virus. It seems to be every second person I meet has had this awful illness and the lingering effects that last for weeks are debilitating.

The symptoms seem to include aching painful joints and a fever with a fair amount of coughing and sneezing and a severe lack of energy. Oh and not to forget the pounding headache that feels like Thor’s hammer has just paid your head a brief visit.

A hammer for the headache from a cold or flu

A general overall feeling that requires a darkened room with peace and quiet and a bed.

Flus and colds are the number one leading cause of missed work/school days and number one on the doctor’s day lists.

The reason there’s still no cure for the common cold is because it’s not just one single disease, but more like a number of closely related viruses.

When you fight off one cold you assume the one you catch next is the same, it’s more likely to be a different type of virus, cold and flu viruses are constantly mutating and evolving too.

This is why a cure is very difficult as they are constantly changing.

The flu vaccine was estimated to work in just 34% of cases in lab tests compared to 50% last year.

Dr Richard Pebody, head of flu surveillance for PHE, (Public Health England) said the problem was caused by a mismatch between the A(H3N2) influenza strain used to make the vaccine and the main strain that spread in the UK last winter.

He said: “Although in most winters, the vaccine is well matched, winter 2014-15 saw the circulation of a drifted H3 flu strain, making the vaccine less effective than the typical 50% we had seen in recent previous years. It is possible that this contributed to the increase in excess mortality.”

What can you do if you have it already?


That is the first port of call.

If you try to “work through it” then you will make matters worse. While your body is fighting off these viruses you need to keep hydrated with clean fluids and rest as much as possible, a short walk if the weather is not wet will help you feel better.

Nothing strenuous obviously but fresh air can work wonders with aiding recovery.

When this cold weather hits us we tend to stay in doors more and spend as little time outside as possible. This is when our Vitamin D stores are at there lowest.

Did you know that there is more and more research confirming that contracting colds and flu may possibly be a symptom of an underlying vitamin D deficiency.


Less than optimal vitamin D levels will significantly impair your immune response and make you far more susceptible to contracting colds, influenza, and other respiratory infections.

So when we stay in doors more during the cold weather we are actually doing more harm than good. Now this doesn’t mean force yourself to go out when it is snowing but listen to your body. If you can manage a brief spell around the block as it were then do it.

Your body will thank you for it.

According to Dr Mercola..

There are many ways you might end up with a weakened immune system, the more common contributing factors are:

  • Vitamin D deficiency, as previously mentioned
  • Eating too much sugar and too many grains
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Insufficient exercise
  • Inadequately managing emotional stressors in your life
  • Any combination of the above

How do you maximise your intake of Vitamin D?

The best source is obviously sunlight but you can supplement, it has to be high quality and not all supplements are created equal.

Three months supply will cost you less than £23.00 including postage and packaging. The only way to take advantage of this price is to email me direct. 

Adults typically need an average of 5,000 IU (International units) per day, some adults have to take 20,000 to 30,000 IU daily to get their vitamin D level up to optimal levels.

Exactly how adults absorb and process vitamin D so differently is still somewhat of a mystery, so the only way to know if your vitamin D level is therapeutic and nontoxic is by having your blood tested.

Ask your GP if you are concerned.

What do you eat though while suffering?

The appetite tends to be low to zero when suffering these viruses.

Remember what your mum/dad used to say

feed a cold starve a fever ?

The body is very clever, if we are digesting food we are using energy. The energy we need to heal so our body is telling us that it needs to heal, meaning “lets take a break from digestion for the moment”.

A loss of appetite could also be the body’s way of telling us, bacteria needs fuel so if we abstain then the bacteria cannot thrive.

People become reliant on medicines to get them through the day, but please do try to maintain good nutrition too.

For example….

Avoiding processed foods in favour of fresh wholesome foods will benefit the body. Increase fluids and add in lemon to water to really cleanse the liver.

Sleep as much as you need too.

Coconut oil to cook with.

Lean meats

Oily Fish

Plenty of green vegetables

Fermented foods such as kefir, kimchee, miso, pickles, sauerkraut.

Probiotics would really boost your healthy gut bacteria, fermented foods feed them.

Exercise lightly, don’t push yourself, listen to your body.


I wish you all health and happiness

Stay well

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