Super Heroines Listen UP!!!

I have a list of hacks that will help you win at the hormonal havoc!


  • Probiotic Powerhouse: Daily probiotics promote a healthy gut, boosting immunity and maintaining hormonal harmony. Your secret weapon against the bad guys!
  • TIP…Open capsule into daily yoghurt, the powder is absorbed faster making this a speedy effect.
  • Hydration Heroine: Water keeps your body running smoothly, supporting energy levels and hormone balance. Sip your way to superhero status!
  • TIP…Coconut water or chia seeds in water has added boosts of their own
  • ️‍♀️ Exercise Explorer: Activate endorphins through exercise, your key in managing stress, enhancing mood, and keeping your superhero physique in check!
  • Tip… This is non-negotiable, lift weights feel the benefit
  • Beetroot Boost: Packed with nitrates, beetroot enhances blood flow, delivering a power-up to your energy levels. Fuel your superhero adventures with this vibrant veggie!
  • TIP…Beetroot powder or juiced directly from pickled are great pick me ups
  • Nap Ninja: Embrace the power of naps! Short naps recharge your superhero batteries, improving alertness and performance. A quick rest equals a strong comeback!
  • Tip…Just try 10 minutes a day 


Now if you are really interested in ramping up your energy and elevating your immune system…

“Unlock hormone benefits with tapping! it is all about gently tapping acupressure points while focusing on really moving the lymphatic fluid around the body. It’s easy, fun, and helps balance hormones. Make it a daily ritual for a happier you!

How to…

Start with the side of your head, then eyebrows, sides of the eyes, under eyes, under nose, chin, collarbone, underarm, down to the stomach and the backs of the knees, and finish back up on the  top of the head. #TapToThrive #HormoneHarmony”

If you are ready, it is fairly easy to increase this to a night-time ritual also, tapping before bed and just giving the body more help in healing.


None of this will make a blind bit of difference if you just try it all once for a week, if you do not have the basics in play, you can not enjoy the wins!

Sure! They will make you feel good for a bit, but if you are not consistent then you will not benefit. Hydrate daily, sleep 6-9 hrs, eat within your calorie range, exercise, steps, self care. BALANCE xxx

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