12 Easy days of fitmas

On the first day of Christmas 
Try your turkey/meat with low salt organic gravy
Walk 8000 steps that day after dinner or before.
On the second day of Christmas 
2 fillets of oily fish
walk 9000 steps and fast until lunchtime
On the third day of Christmas 
3 portions of fruit
(with protein to lower blood sugar)
10000 steps and 5 press-ups 
On the fourth day of Christmas 
4 tablespoons of kale (that’s 1 of my 5 A DAY)
10000 steps and 10 squats
On the fifth day of Christmas 
5 portions of veg
10000 steps, take a tin in each hand and hold them straight above your head and squat continously until the kettle has boiled.
On the sixth day of Christmas 
6g of salt
(that’s the maximum)
10000 steps and 10 press-ups 
On the seventh day of Christmas
7 Brussels sprouts
(good for my vitamin C)
2 minutes of mindful breathing 
On the eighth day of Christmas 
8 glasses of water
( hydration)
8000 steps and 1 minute plank
On the ninth day of Christmas 
9 unsalted nuts 
(for a healthy snack)
9000 steps and 20 squats
On the tenth day of Christmas 
 vitamin D 1x daily
10000 steps and meditation 3 minutes
On the eleventh day of Christmas 
swap your vegeatble oil for olive oil/coconutoil/rapeseed oil ongoing
10000 steps 20 squats and 4 press-ups
On the twelfth day of Christmas 
Increase your greens on your plate and reduce your carbs.
10000 steps 3 minutes meditation/ mindful breathing
1 minute plank 

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