Nobody likes the “C” word

Nobody likes the “C” word

The “c” word is the one word that has us all in emotional turmoil. The one word that no-one wants to hear, speak of or suffer with or see someone suffer with. The word that can bring us to our knees in desperation and sometimes it even pushes people to find religion.

This word carries so much power over us.

What other word can make us have Feelings of fear, uncertainty, denial, anger, guilt, stress, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, sadness and depression all in one hit?

The word I am talking about is Cancer. I find it hard just writing it. So why the post on the C word?

Well, from a professional point of view I am seeing more and more cases through my door of people who have this disease. They are coming to me for help with diet and to deal with the changes in tastes and preferences, due to the cancer diagnosed, this has caused many issues within these people I see.

The weight loss is a symptom many struggle with and that comes together with loss of strength, this can be awful for people who want to remain independent for as long as possible.

What they once loved eating is now making them nauseous and bloats them. The tastes change and the amount of food eaten changes depending on the treatment. The muscle weakness and other side effects can be helped. I have to stress “not cured” but certain symptoms can be alleviated.

What actually is cancer?

Below is what you will find when you look at an online dictionary. 

1/ Malignant growth or tumour resulting from an uncontrolled division of cells.

2/ An evil or destructive practice or phenomenon that is hard to contain or eradicate.

3/A disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body.

Now, we are at the stage where 1 in 2 people will have cancer but thanks to research, a lot of it is curable. Unfortunately some is often found too late.

How does it start?

We know that cancer starts in our cells and our bodies are made up of more than a hundred million, million (100,000,000,000,000) cells.

gasp image of nobody likes the c word

Our bodies are incredible aren’t they?

Some types of cancer, for example leukaemia, start from blood cells. They don’t form solid tumours. Instead, the cancer cells build up in the blood and sometimes the bone marrow.

For a cancer to start, certain changes take place within the genes of a cell or a group of cells.

Now I am not an expert on cancer but I am qualified from a personal point of view to tell you what has helped us as a family so far on our painful journey.

I do not want you all to read a post that upsets you, but more informs you of the benefits of good nutrition, especially at this time on your journey, either as a sufferer or as a person watching in on someone you love or care about suffering.

Let us not forget that the ones that watch loved ones suffer, they also need good nutrition and yes, just as much as the ones suffering.


It is so important to maintain good nutrition and cut back on the processed foods and high sugar foods. I have heard people say, “Well I will eat what I want now and it won’t matter” I am afraid it does.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer then it is more important than ever, to maintain a healthy balanced diet. I see clients with cancer and the loved ones are in just as much need of nutritional support, they can feel stressed and anxious, they channel all their energies into the person they care for.


The body thrives on good healthy nutrition, cancer and watching someone suffer is very hard on the body, if you are giving your body good clean nutrients then it will only help the fight.


Cancer is a battle!

Good sources of healthy fats, lean protein and good carbs for energy with adequate levels of vitamin D3 and of course exercise which is vital for pain relief. (If you can that is )

That sounds crazy but it really is classed as a pain relief and I have seen for myself, it makes people feel better while they are exercising.

There are plenty of diets out there and theories that are aimed at a so called cure. I do not doubt that sometimes they work but some cancers are caught very late in the stage and these diets are then unsuccessful. While they are intense and feed the body they can be dangerous with certain types of cancer, always contact your gp when starting a new regime and inform your team of your decision.

You should have support what ever you decide.

There are more than 100 types of cancer, the stage of progression needs to be taken into account when starting certain therapies. What can help in certain stages can actually cause harm in others.

I believe, if you live 80 percent good and have 20 percent of what you crave then you are well on your way for an optimum life in general. Obviously we have no idea what is around the corner but a healthy lifestyle will help you with your fight.

The 80 percent means a balanced diet with a good quality multivitamin and mineral supplement, adequate vitamin D3 and good hydration.

Seems such a simple task to complete but optimum or even basic hydration is what we all lack. Aim for 2 litres daily minimum.

Sleep plays a huge part in your health too, 6-9 hours sleep for an adult is the recommended daily amount.This is not always possible when cancer has surfaced but if you can rest then your body will thank you for it.

Exercise daily, YES daily!

I am not talking about a cardio/weights work out seven days a week, I am talking about balance. Walking daily and swimming each week is great. I understand that sometimes this can be difficult with the chlorine affecting the skin due to medication making the skin very sensitive.

Have a look for natural water swimming pools if swimming is your passion, Just build up slowly.

Find a good personal trainer or a gym class if thats what you enjoy, somewhere local and as a bonus its great to meet people too. Cancer can make people feel very lonely and thats even with family and friends surrounding them.

Sometimes meeting new people and not talking about the obvious subject is like a breath of fresh air.

If you are under treatment a personal trainer can advise you on the best ways to gain and maintain strength where needed. Also your team can give you physiotherapy support if needed.


The above recommendations are not a cure, if you are diagnosed with cancer it will help you with a better quality of life, alongside your treatment of course.

That said I know everyone is different and a good diet is not always enough, the side effects of cancer are never discussed, so let’s go through a few things I have seen personally and things that I have seen have helped so far.

All natural but obviously ask your team or gp for alternatives should these not work for you.

1/ Nausea

Homeopathic NUX-Vom eased the nausea and peppermint capsules in some clients.

Ginger tea

Dry Crackers

Sipping a few drops of cider vinegar in a pint of water.


An interesting one as some say pure liquorice can help.

Sipping ice cold water

Cider vinegar in water (Few drops)

Peppermint capsule daily but also peppermint oil drops in water helps.

3/Muscle weakness

Building up with a resistance band and physiotherapy at home can help and using a stress ball to strengthen the forearms. Steroids can sometimes add to this unfortunate issue and cause fluid build up so maybe speak to your team. Adequate protein intake but not too much can help with building you up. See what I recommend below.

4/Mouth sores

Now this one is a hard one, sometimes it is thrush, so see your gp or nurse, you can buy oral analgesia over the counter, check with the pharmacist that it does not interfere with your medication. Not many natural remedies I have found work so far. Bonjela is good but very temporary and slides off:( There is a paste that helps cover the sores temporarily.

When the mouth is so dry then the tongue sticks to the mouth and cracks on opening so ask your team for something that increases saliva in the mouth.

Ice chips can help numb the pain.

Use a baby tooth brush to keep the teeth clean.

Rinse with slightly salted water to clean the mouth.

Sugar free chewing gum has been mentioned but sometimes the ulcers can be aggravated, it works on some I might add.

5/Weight Loss

Ok this one is a tough one, I recommended a shake. These shakes are also replacement meals that contain 22 vitamins and have been used for very successful weight loss meal replacements, now I know you are saying “WHAT” but add this two/three times a day and you can maintain weight when the appetite has wavered.

I have seen these shakes maintain weight when weight dwindles dramatically panic sets in, these shakes can be used through the day, also they taste so nice. I have had certain ones sent that are full of sugar and very thick and taste awful.

Clients will like these, you can add a banana and almond milk and blend together for extra calories but also the almond milk provides protein. All you will need is:

A thick straw and plenty of ice.

(I have also tried them and take them on top of meals post workout and they are so tasty)

The shakes I am talking about are available from this wonderful lady below……

This wonderful lady can help you with ordering the shakes and such a reasonable cost. It seems ugly to talk about reasonable cost when you are talking about a disease that can take your life, but we all have to ask. I pass this to her as she helped me with my father,  so I highly recommend this lady to help you too.

I stress again “Not a cure” but can help with symptom managing.

I also highly recommend using the services offered for complementary therapies as they can make the day brighter.

If you want more information on cancer or just have no idea where to turn I highly recommend CANCER UK they have amazing nurses that can talk you through the treatment and help with anything really you require.

also some information:

British Science Week 2018: how our pioneers are exploring cancer

 Cancer Research UK offer reliable, easy to understand information to anyone affected by cancer. Cancer information nurses are available via the helpline. Helpline: 0808 800 40 40 (lines open Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm)

Macmillan Cancer Support.

The below charity is amazing and the people that work there are nothing less than angels.

nobody likes the c word



“Nobody likes the C word” is their slogan.

At a time of fear, isolation and loneliness, we bring 13-24 year olds who have been diagnosed with cancer, together.

nobody likes the c word Maria tait nutritionThrough workshops, activity days and residential stays, Teens Unite provides the ongoing social, emotional and physical support needed by these young people, which medical experts can’t.

So plenty of information but if you ever find yourselves in need of more information.

Please email.



Friendly Family Nutrition



As I watch on, you just seem to suffer

The journey you are on just seems to get tougher

When I wake up, day after day

I want to press pause on the world in a way

Your strength and courage

Your sparkle and shine

Makes you who you are

A father of mine.


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