Crying is a ‘workout’ for the body.

Don’t cancel the gym membership just yet though. People who cry exhibit elevated heart rates and increased sweating thus making it a workout for the body.

When we cry we actually release stress hormones. A friend of mine informed me of that and I was intrigued, so I looked into it a bit more.

We have three types of tears, I had no idea there was so much involved in this bodily function.

1/Emotional Tears. (frustration, anger, sadness, happiness)

2/Reflex Tears. (like cutting into an onion)

3/Continuous Tears also known as basal tears. (The protein rich antibacterial liquid that is keeping our eyes moist)

Emotional tears have special health benefits. Biochemist and “tear expert”  (Yes there is such a thing)

Dr. William Frey at the Ramsey Medical Center in Minneapolis discovered that reflex tears are 98% water, whereas emotional tears also contain stress hormones which get excreted from the body through crying.

After studying the composition of tears, Dr. Frey found that emotional tears shed these hormones and other toxins which accumulate during stress.

Did you know that humans are the only species to actually release emotional tears!

So when you cry emotional tears you are actually detoxing and increasing your productivity of endorphins which is the body’s natural pain killer.

When we communicate with others through tears, we are revealing our own vulnerability. “With supportive people, it can create an increased feeling of bonding and connection,” Dr. Orloff says. “You trust the person enough to cry around them.”

Crying is therefore a signal that we feel close to someone, and this can promote an empathetic response and also an emotional connection.

Dr. Vingerhoets says that because we don’t like to show our weakness to strangers, we try not to cry in front of them, and instead save our tears for those we’re closest to.

Now, I am not suggesting you all encounter something emotional, that triggers the tear response to detox, although………. No, honestly it is just a reminder of another amazing function our body performs, that keeps us balanced.

What has this to do with nutrition?

AHA well I always find a connection so read on……

Another magical benefit of shedding those emotional tears is that it helps kill bacteria. It is true that tears contain lysozyme, a protein that can destroy harmful bacteria.

If crying can release stress hormones and thus allowing you to be calm after, then you will have the added benefit of stress release so most probably sleep better. Now sleeping better will help you burn fat. (If that is your goal)



Sleep is the one thing most of us lack. One in three adults do not get enough sleep.

Did you know that without sleep you are lowering your chance of burning fat. (If that is your goal) The study below proves just that.

So how much sleep do we need? the post below will give you the sleep needed in hours at certain ages.

Our need for sleep changes as we age.

Hertford nutrition image of child sleeping

Are we sleeping enough?

What about some help to actually get you to sleep?

1/One good option is using a salt lamp illuminated by a 5-watt bulb. It’s important to realize that turning on a light in the middle of the night, even for a short moment, such as when you get up to go to the bathroom, will disrupt your melatonin production and interfere with your sleep says Dr Mercola.

2/Make your bed before you go to sleep, I find it easiest when you wake in the mornings but some make it just before getting into it at night. This will help you relax more, a made bed looks inviting and clean so the brain is less stressed with less clutter and mess.

3/Exercise. Yep, sorry I know I keep banging on about this…..If you don’t have time then do some simple stretching before sleep.

4/Stay away from your phone for 2 hours before you go to bed. Yep sleep deprivation is linked to smart phones.

5/Sleep in complete darkness. The slightest bit of light in your bedroom can disrupt your body’s clock and your pineal gland’s melatonin production says Dr Mercola.

6/Chamomile Tea has sedative effects and can increase the need to sleep by relaxing you. (Not too close to bed Tim eor you will need to get up in the night to go to the toilet.)

7/Temperatures above 75 degrees will interfere with your sleep. Keep a window open prior to sleeping to circulate the air.

8/Take a warm bath before bed. When you sleep, your body’s internal temperature drops to its lowest level, generally about four hours after you fall asleep. Scientists believe a cooler bedroom may therefore be most conducive to sleep, since it mimics your body’s natural temperature drop.

For any more help then email direct for some foods to help you sleep better.

Helping Hertfordshire sleep better.;)

Sleep well

Maria x

Please note……

Crying is a normal human response to a whole range of emotions that has a number of health and social benefits, including pain relief and self-soothing effects.

However, if crying happens frequently, uncontrollably, or for no reason, it could be a sign of depression. If this is the case, it is a good idea to speak to a doctor.









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