Healthy Coffee Biscuits

Healthy Coffee Biscuits

Is that even a thing? Well, I had a client who sent me a food diary and it included a coffee infused muesli for his breakfast.

I was intrigued as I love both. I wondered how I could combine my love of coffee with something sweet but healthy.

Anyone who reads my blogs knows I experiment with foods.

OK, I change foods to make them healthier.

So this is what I did, I made Coffee biscuits. Combining the winning ingredients of my biscuits that are non bake by the way and adding in some ground coffee powder. I use Azera personally as I love the flavour.


Almonds ground  200g

1 Tbsp protein powder (I use pea protein)

Coconut oil organic melted 2 flat tbsp

1/2 tsp ground coffee (Azera or another brand you enjoy)

2 tbsp carob syrup or use maple syrup

2 Tbsp Nut butter, I used cashew today but use what suits your taste.

Sprinkle of Pink Himalayan salt.

2 Tbsp Peanut flour but I have used coconut flour before too so you can choose here.


Mix together and form into round biscuit shapes, I used half the mix with coffee and half without, this was because the children will eat them.

I made different shapes for the ones with coffee so we would know the difference, my twins do not need any coffee as they have enough energy to power surge a large town.

Freeze for 20 minutes and then place in an air tight container and keep in the fridge.

I made log shapes for coffee biscuits and cookie shapes (Round) for the children.



OK, that is my verdict, but when this post goes out I will ask others to post as I have asked a few people to try them.

AMAZING and I made 15 from the ingredients above. Fair size too.



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